Jump-Start Your Own Simple Side Job
In the Next 1-2 Weeks

A Realistic Simple Method designed for "I-hate-selling" people

What is this all about?

Take a peek inside of the Simple Side Job Method and be prepared to become a
looked-after SMS Marketing Consultant

1. Select a local Business

2. Set Up a Demo

3. Charge for bringing more customers to Business

But Wait….

You probably might be thinking:

” C’mon Miguel, is it really that simple? Where is the catch?”

Look too easy? Stay with me. I will reveal the plan step by step..

How does it all work?

1. Pick a Business

2. Set up a Demo

4. Build a List

4. Bring more Sales

5. An easy Yes

3. Rinse and Repeat

Step 1. Pick a Local Business

Choose a local business.

Make sure you pick a business that people visit more than once a month (you’ll see why this is important in just a sec).

So think of places like…

Bars and restaurants…

Nail salons…

Car wash…

Dry cleaners… 

Bottle shops…


Pet groomers…

You get the idea, right?

Ok, so you have a business in mind?


Step 2. Set up a Demo

This step has two components:

The Flyer:

The flyer acts as a hook. It contains an irresistible offer. The flyer might read:

“Get 15 OFF your BILL NOW” TEXT Pizza to 832 123 3456

The Software

The second component is the Software. When the customer claims his discount, it is automatically added to a Customer list. It can only do that once.

You will Print out a simple flyer for this business and set it up on the software to collect clients contacts.

Don’t worry.

I have a simple tried and tested flyer template you can use. (I’ll show you where to get that shortly.)

You can edit this flyer online and print it on your home computer.

Your grandmother could even help you edit this flyer… it’s THAT easy 🙂

Looks super-duper professional too.

So print out this flyer and take it to the local business.

(Now if you’re like me and prefer your own company to that of other humans…

You can easily team up with a friend or family member…

And get them to go visit the businesses for you. That’s what I do.)

Also, keep reading for an awesome software I recommend to all my students.


Step 3. Build a Customer's List

Have the business place the flyer right near their checkout.

So it will look something like this…

Now every time a customer comes to pay their bill…

They’re given the option to get an instant discount by texting the keyword on the flyer.

Example: “Get 15% OFF Your Bill. Text ‘VIP’ to 123-456-7890”

Think about it…

What customer is going to say no to an instant discount off the bill they’re just about to pay?

They’d have to be mad as a cut snake, right?

So the customer texts the phone number and gets an instant reply with their discount code.


The customer is happy…

They’ve just saved some money on their purchase.

The business is happy…

‘Cos they now have that customer on their VIP list.

So EVERYBODY is happy.

And don’t you just love happy people?

I do. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Step 4. Bring More Sales

The business now has an ever-growing list of their best customers…

…they can text message and drive back in to their business at any time.

How cool is that?

They can text all of their customers about new products, special promotions, sales, upcoming events…

Or maybe they’re just having a slow day and need some extra sales.


The sky is the limit.

Here’s what a pizza shop might text to their VIP customer list…

Hi VIPs! We’ve just launched a new range of BBQ pizzas and we want to know what you think. Come on in before Thursday for a free pizza with every BBQ pizza sold. See you soon!”

And so guess what happens the moment they send that text message?

Yep. You guessed it. The pizza shop gets a flood of their loyal customers coming back in to try out their new BBQ pizza range.

This works so well because text messages have a 98% open rate…

(When was the last time you didn’t open a text message?!)

AND returning customers are proven to spend more money than first-time customers.

Step 5. An Easy Yes

After a period of 7 to 14 days you probably have a collected a great number of customer contacts.

This by itself a goldmine for the business.

You can show the business how the contact’s collection campaign has been so far.

You also might let the business to broadcast a campaign so he can experiment fist hand the effectiveness of the system

Well now is time to pay a second visit to the business and review the power of this method.

I told you would be able to show RESULTS to the business even before asking for money, didn’t I?

You can now sign in the business for a monthly contract.

Don’t worry, I will also give you a template contract that will help you do that.

Step 6. Rinse and Repeat

Rinse and repeat.

Once you’ve got your first business set up, move on to the next.

This is how empires are built…

By getting one simple thing that works and duplicating it over and over again.

And if you’re even SMARTER than the average bear…

You’ll get to the point where you hire people to do all the repetitive tasks for you…

While you sit on the beach sipping Piña coladas.

Or just watching re-runs of Judge Judy on your couch at home.

Whatever floats your boat.

But that’s what a REAL business let’s you do.

Live life on YOUR own terms… not someone else’s.


As easy as all of this sounds…

Wait...You haven't heard the best part yet!

The Best Part!

You see…

We don’t do ANY selling or convincing…

Nope. None AT ALL.

That stuff is just plain awkward and cringe-worthy.

What we do instead is let the business try out this system free for 14 days.

You know… we’re weirdos like that.

We actually let the business owner see results BEFORE we ever ask them for any money.

We just find it much easier that way.

And once they start getting results and collecting their customers phone numbers (literally from day one)…

They don’t ever want to stop.

Think about it…

If you had built a list of your best customers that you could text message at any time…

Would you be in a hurry to get rid of that list?

Fat chance, right?

But Why are you telling me ?

‘Cos that means happy clients who are happy to pay you month after month.


I’m no mind reading psychic…

But I’m pretty sure I know EXACTLY what you’re thinking right this second.

If this works so well then why the hell am I posting it for free on Facebook…


Ok. You got me!



Not so fast.

Sorry to burst ya bubble BUT…

I do have a couple of very good reasons for sharing this.

My reasons to reveal this plan

The Truth...

First of all…

There are literally millions of local businesses out there.

So telling a few hundred people about this is not going to affect my business AT ALL.

I’m sure of that.

But it is going to put a whole heap of deposits into my bank of good will.

And trust me…

Nothing… not even money…

Comes close to the feeling you get when another student emails you…

Thanking you for helping their family pay their bills; their car payment, their rent, their school fees.

Nothing compares.

So yeah… there is THAT.

But second of all…

If you end up using the same awesome SMS software I use and am about to show you today (and you should)…

Then I get a small commission for referring you.

There, I said it. 🙂

Naughty me.

Guilty as charged.

I want your Success...

But that’s actually a GOOD thing for YOU… You see… If you use the software and don’t get any results then you stop paying and I get no commissions. So it’s in my best interest for you to succeed at this. If you don’t succeed I don’t get paid. So I’ve recorded a short video for you that shows you exactly how to get started with this system. I show you how easy it is to edit and print the flyer template… And I also show you how to setup the same SMS software I use. It’s not hard at all. If you can send an email then you’ll be an expert at this. And there’s no charge to watch this video. But if you watch this video and you do decide to use the same software I’m using… Awesome! You’ll get one hell of a deal TODAY. Pinky promise. So go and watch it now:

I want to be very clear about something. I don’t just want to see you purchase Crisis Proof Marketing and leave it sit and collect virtual dust. I am dedicated towards helping you all have success. I’m out there selling, and I want to help you do the same. That’s why we are having three live training sessions, all being held shortly after this launch.  

Ok. Tell me more!

Click here to watch the free video


Everything you treasure in your life…

Your partner…

Your children…

Your health…

They only came about because you decided to do something different that ONE day.

And this can be another one of those days in your life…

That changes your future FOREVER.

But only you can take that next step.

So go and watch my free video here –>

You’ve got nothing to lose.

Here’s to a huge year ahead!

Your friend,

– Miguel Briceno

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